Our adults

Eros in our white male; he has blue eyes and genotype colourpoint. Folgore is growing very well and we hope to see his sons next spring. Our adults are tested e negatives for FIV, FELV, Coronavirus, Mycoplasma haemofelis and PKD1 (DNA).

Our studs and queens come from our cattery or from other selected and serious breeders. They are vaccinated with tetravalent or pentavalent vaccine and periodically subjected to clinical examination and blood tests to check their perfect state of health. Some of them are available for breeding.

Sometimes we have for sale at interesting prices show quality neuters and spays or neuter pets available for hosting at no charge.

Our Gentlemen



Eros della Fata Morgana

White male with blue eyes
BSH w 61

born on feb, 19, 2018

Maybe carrier chocolate and diluition

S: IC Zeus della Fata Morgana
D: CH Ragazza della Fata Morgana



Folgore della Fata Morgana

Cinnamon silver tabby spotted male
BSH os 24 62

Born on april, 15, 2020

Maybe carrier colourpoint

S: Plush Kiss Oscar
D: Bene Gesserit della Fata Morgana

Our Ladies




White female with orange eyes
BSH w 62

born on february, 19, 2019

S: IC Zeus della Fata Morgana
D: CH Ragazza della Fata Morgana

Show/breeding quality; maybe carrier cinnamon, diluition and/or colourpoint




CH Daisy

Chocolate tortie tabby bicolour point female
BSH h 03 21 33

born on july, 12, 2018

P: IC Zeus della Fata Morgana
M: Wladimira della Fata Morgana

SHOW/BREEDING quality; maybe cinnamon carrier




Black tortie female

Born on april, 22, 2018

Breeding/Show quality carrier chocolate or cinnamon

Maybe carrier colourpoint and/or diluition; bloodgroup A

S: IC Zeus della Fata Morgana
D: CH Ragazza della Fata Morgana





Harlequin lilac tortie tabby female (orange eyes)
BSH j 02 21 62

Born on october, 20, 2017

Breeding quality; blood group A

Carrier cinnamon

S: Best della Fata Morgana
D: CH Arancia della Fata Morgana



Bene Gesserit

Cinnamon silver tabby arlequin female
BSH os 02 21 62

Born on august, 21, 2016

S: CH Aladino Amarcord
D: Aruba della Fata Morgana




Chocolate tortie tabby blotched bicolour female
BSH h 03 22

Born on august, 18, 2016

S: IC Zeus della Fata Morgana
D: CH Principessa della Fata Morgana