Our kittens

In this page you can see pictures of our kittens and news about them. Here we notify you when a litter is born and we advertise kittens available from serious and reliable breeders in whom we trust.

All our kittens have an ANFI (FIFé) pedigree. Every kitten is warranted to be free from known genetic diseases.

Most of our kittens is “show/breeding quality”. Pets leave our home spayed or neutered

Now available




Chocolate male

Born on march, 27, 2019

S: IC Zeus della Fata Morgana
D: Clio della Fata Morgana




Female British Shothair chocolate tortie point
BSH h 33

born on february, 19, 2019

S: IC Zeus della Fata Morgana
D: CH Ragazza della Fata Morgana

NOT for breeding




Chocolate tortie tabby bicolour point female
BSH h 03 21 33

born on july, 12, 2018

P: IC Zeus della Fata Morgana
M: Wladimira della Fata Morgana

SHOW/BREEDING quality; maybe cinnamon carrier



Selkirk kittens

Two Rex e two Straight
crema, lilac tortie; chocolate, chocolate tortie

Born on march, 29, 2019

Breeding/Show quality

Maybe carrier colourpoint; blood group A

S: Bon Bon Saulès Vaikas
D: Dragonfly della Fata Morgana

Other available kittens


A chocolate tortie bicolour tabby point female
A red tabby arlequin female
A white male (orange eys)
A white male (blue eyes)
A chocolate bicolour male
A cream tabby point female
A chocolate tortie tabby mackerel female



Moved kittens

Zuppa Inglese

Zuppa Inglese della Fata Morgana

Female BRI g 03 22
chocolate carrier
born on august, 10, 2014

S: Rivium's Vivalasvegas
D: Rosa Blu della Fata Morgana

more pics


Artu della Fata Morgana

Red tabby point male
BSH d 21 33
born on 6, may 2015

S: CH Holiday Bell Arden
D: CH Scarlett della Fata Morgana